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April 20, 2020

Legend says a Mistwalker could stop the rain and unite the elements against the Earth empire. But legends are hardly trustworthy.

Living in the Earth empire means that being any other elemental makes you inferior. For Cass, being an Air is almost as bad as being a fae in the eyes of the government, and if there’s one thing his mother has taught him, it’s that the Old Ways have no place in the modern world.

When Cass’s best friend Andy is taken by the Conglomerate as payment for his father's gambling debt and sent to die a slave in the fighting arena, he decides to make a deal with a Muse and sell his soul in exchange for the Inspiration needed to break his friend out. Now, the two teens are on the run from both the government and a soul-hunting dragon as they travel in an old van down the coast.

But a storm is brewing, and it turns out not all elements are as happy with living under Earth rule as they’d once thought. Whispers of rebellion run through the small coastal towns, and hope in the old legend of the Mistwalker rises with the changing tides. Along the way, Cass and Andy will meet fellow outcasts, embrace their unique powers, and learn what it costs to truly live free.


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Paperback copy of Mistwalker, the debut novel by K.W. Quinn, signed by the author herself in archival quality, acid free ink.


K.W. Quinn

Author of Mistwalker

Available now on Amazon, Mistwalker is an urban fantasy hero's journey for the modern age. Elemental magic, corrupt government, best friends hanging out on the beach. All this and more!


About the Author

Make the Words Happen

K.W. Quinn has a Bachelors of Journalism which she used to get exactly one job in that field before throwing it all away for improvisational acting and a capella singing. Her favorite color is glitter and will probably never say no to a potato in any form. She's a Libra, ENFP, Enneagram 2, and can do the splits sometimes. She has never defeated an evil empire or had assassins on her trail. That she knows of.


"Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves"

Henry David Thoreau