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Character Astrology, or Cass & Andy, by the numbers

Updated: May 13, 2020

Do you know the birthdays of your favorite fictional characters? I admit that with the exception of Harry Potter, I do not. Most authors don't include that detail. Maybe most authors don't think in those terms--fictional birthdays for fictional people.

What does it matter if my protagonist is a Capricorn or a Taurus? Probably nothing, since astrology is just one of many systems people have created to try to make sense out of a nonsensical universe.

But, as a person who loves boxes and labels and categories, I can say that I have given a wee bit of thought to the underlying motivations of my best characters. (Yes, I have favorites.) Do those motivations line up with the generally accepted descriptions most often applied to the arbitrary birthdays I've given them? Maybe.

So, here's a peek into Cass & Andy, according to their birthdays.

Cass is a Capricorn, born December 27th. Capricorns have a reputation for being serious and ambitious, driven to succeed, which may not seem like our carefree protagonist, but family and responsibility are at the core of his personality. His hard work might not look like the conventional ladder-climbing path to riches, but he is loyal and dedicated to the things close to his heart.

Andy's birthday is October 15th, making him a charming Libra. The sign of balance and diplomacy, Andy really does want to make everyone happy, even at the risk of his own peace of mind. Drawn to beauty and art, it's little wonder that the Fire Dance captured his heart. He loves to perform and positive attention feeds his heart.

A fun fact: Based on these things, Andy is an Air sign and Cass is an Earth sign, both the Cardinal of their element. In traditional Chinese astrology, they would both be year of the Wood Pig.

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