• K.W. Quinn

Birth of a Prequel

When you spend time creating a world, it makes sense that you'd want to continue to play in it. Especially in the fantasy or urban fantasy genre, series are more common than stand-alone books.

But I'm easily distracted and didn't want to commit to a whole series of books.

But I also didn't want to let go of these characters and this world and these stories. Plus, I have a whole mess of deleted scenes that have a ton of backstory information that never made it to the finished novel but totally leave things open for a prequel story.

Which is why I spent the week writing 4857 words on roughly 12 pages that include 7 different moments and not a shred of a plot. There's a STORY, but that's not the same as a plot. I've got some CHARACTERS and they're going to DO some STUFF. Eventually.

For now, it's a wee tadpole of a story, swimming in my brain and trying to coagulate into something that can carry the weighty themes I want to talk about. It's another story of friendship and finding your family, because that's a thing very near and dear to my heart. It's about choosing what kind of danger to put yourself in for what you believe in, which in our world right now is more important than ever. It's about love, and how we love, and what it means to live the love you have, not just feel the things you feel.

It's about 70,000 words away from being done, but that's not what's important today. Today is for saying there's an idea, and it's mine, and I'm doing it.

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