• K.W. Quinn

Novella to Novel

Knock off two letters, add about 150% more words and ta-da! Your rambling short story that outgrew it's outline can be a novel.

Writing a short story is a skill, and one that takes a lot of work to do well. It's not just a tiny version of a novel. Short stories have their own rules and tricks and whatnot. They're different beasts. I haven't tamed that beast yet.

I talk too much for that. Hence my rambling novel. Working on a second one, which actually happens before, has been a lot of research. I have to know my world twice as well as my readers and there has been a lot of cross-referencing as I re-read my own book.

I still laugh at my own jokes, so I guess that's okay.

I'm at a point now in writing where I've done all the fun parts and now I'm trying to stitch the scenes together to make a story. I've made the layers of cake, now I have to do the frosting part. Some people enjoy decorating cakes. That's another skill I don't have. I struggle just to get the frosting on crumb-free and semi-evenly.

That metaphor holds up for writing, too. Bringing the scenes together to tell the story is a struggle. You know what I'm really good at?

Delegating things to Future Me. My list of things for Future Me to figure out looks like this right now:

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