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Urban fantasy, or dragons and cell phones

Updated: May 13, 2020

I love a mash up. Two favorite things smashed together to create a new awesome thing. Like brunch.

So urban fantasy was the perfect choice for me, because I like magic and dragons, but also cell phones and memes. What could be better than a dragon who texts her dad for advice on being a mercenary assassin? Other than world peace, of course.

So what is Mistwalker like? It's a little bit like Avatar: The Last Airbender meets The Dresden Files. Or maybe Legend of Korra would be a better parallel, but elemental magic in a modern, power-corrupted urban setting. Although they get out of the city pretty quickly, but I don't know that Road Trip Fantasy is a genre yet. I'm doing my best to get that started.

This book has so many of my favorite tropes. The classic hero's journey, complete with reluctant chosen one, soulmates, best friends on the run from Bad Guys, secret agents, mistaken identity, true love's kiss, coming of age, learning to use magic, why totalitarian governments are bad, a cranky immortal, a couple of witches, and a dragon. Or Dragonkin, if you want to get technical, but don't consult any monster manuals, because this Dragonkin isn't anything like that.

Even the setting is a bit of a mashup. I used the mountains and coast in southern California as a starting point and then twisted everything to fit my whims, because that's the beauty of writing in a fictional world. Some town names have been changed to protect the innocent kitsch and charm of the coastal highway.

In April, Mistwalker hits the shelves, ready to take the world by storm. It's a pun I can't resist.

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