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Researching a new novel

Part of the fun of creating a new world is the ability to bring all the things you love into one place. For me, in Mistwalker, I took my love of elemental magic, dragons, and cell phones and put it all together into an urban fantasy mash up galore.

I'm working in the same world now, but about 20 years into the past. No cell phones yet. The rules for creating in this world are a little more rigid than they were before Mistwalker was published. Now I have to follow my own rules.


Or not really. I'm having a blast incorporating some other things I love into this new book. Today's research led me into the world of hobo signs and symbols of the Great Depression migrant workers.

Also, a lot of meteorological research about wind. So much wind. There's a metaphor there about being full of hot air, I'm sure.

And baby naming sites. My search history can't decide if I'm pregnant (I'm not), thinking about going back to school to become a weather newscaster (nope), or thinking of selling everything I own to go make a life on the road (probably not.)

Today, I hit the 12,000 word mark. My outline has a lot more notes in it now, and I've gotten sidetracked a bit from the main story, so it will be interesting to see which of these little tangents make it into the finished product, but I'm learning and loving these new(ish) characters. Bringing depth and life to Miyana, Helori, and Charly is a lot of fun.

Soon, I'll introduce Amel and then all bets are off!

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